Thursday, December 16, 2010


residency opening
We have arrived!

After  22 hours confined to either an Emirates plane or the Dubai airport, we have made it to the sunny shores of Cape Town.Thanks to Anthea and fam for picking us up. Marc and Felix hooked up with Ricky at the Woodstock Industrial Centre where we'll be staying and working and then got driven through into town for a little tour of the Michaelis exhibition. A couple works stood out. Then we drove to get some nurishment, steak and chips. Very good. A visit to Faith47 and as a reward for making it, a new pair of sunglasses.

Michaelis School of Fine Art
Brent and Winnie arrived eventually and got settled in before having dins with the old folks. Then the evening was passed rather comfortably in our new home for a month.

Looking forward to being able to walk around more in the dangerous streets of Cape Town, and getting a better feel of the city.

The sunset was really pretty.

Michaelis School of Fine Art
Brent & Winnie arriving

first sundown

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