Thursday, December 16, 2010


Day 2 started off with breakfast at Arnolds. Thank goodness for bacon. Marc, Felix and Ricky decided to tackle Lion's Head but didn't quite make it. Marc almost managed to do Ricky's head in with a rather large stone he dislodged while scampering around. Brent and Winnie wandered around town, finding some genuine antiques, until the others got back down. Supplies for a summer salad were collected and enjoyed back at the residency. Sweet melon, blue berries and roasted seeds were the star ingredients. Then going to the Shelflife opening thingy got sidelined due to fevoured sticker making. So we later went to into town for a bit of a party and nonsense instead. A couple burgers before bed and we called it a day.

nice find during at the start of Signal Hill
view of camps bay from signal hill

marc getting into a dispute with signal hill and losing

and here is the f#%king bastard

we also found some material

local wildlife
working hard

silly product of our work...

sundown no.2

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