Thursday, December 30, 2010


Another sunny but windy day in the mother city. Brent and Winnie went off for fish and chips. Which took a while thanks to Boyes Drive being stop start the entire way. Marc and Felix measured the billboard again. It is 2,90m x 4,70m. To continue the vein of productive form, frames were prepared and Felix got busy on his stencils. Wolf was at his studio upstairs so he was paid a visit as well.
The fire on Signal Hill was too exciting to pass up on, so Marc took off on his bike. Through the city until reaching the hill, where strong winds and a sharp and unexpected incline slowed his progress to a push. Back home and potatoes and beans for dinner. Brent and Winnie got back finally from Simon's Town. So it was back to the drawing table while the fire continues to rage.

preparations for new years are well underway

on guard
the fire begins
moving on up
and even higher
local fridge
local security measures
local fire
local fire fighters

result of hard work
the fire still burns. hope all the animals are ok

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