Saturday, December 18, 2010


Woke up with a craving for fresh fruit. So off to the shop on the corner. Grapes, plums, peaches and melon = an extra healthy breakfast. Fuelled for the start of the day Felix and Marc adventured into the city for so Woolies vests, markers and a book.
Now we have the key for a large studio space. Pidgeon with an unhatched egg inclusive.
Just reward for the new working space was food in ice cream and a bottle of wine with Tristan, Yang and Vuyo. House-warming gift bread for Ricky was also found.
So some gin and tonics with the photographer a floor up and a birthday party for Ricky resulting in Brent and Winnie staying in a hotel for the night.

 another empty building for the leerstandsmelder

ride into town

nice sure whole car
this guys scared of trains

goes all the way to the top!

our new studio pet
we need a new address
sunset no. 4

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