Sunday, December 19, 2010


Winnie and Felix were the first up, with Winnie going on an expedition to Bainskloof and Felix landing up at the Waterfront. Brent managed a few mules at the market down the road. But once he reached his limit Marc and Felix were scooped up for a trip to the hardware store. Joy! Find of the day: road signage paint.
To round off the day a safari to the Natural History Museum and a walk through Company Gardens. The whale sounds were particularily impressive.Drinks with Anthea and Katlego sealed the deal but also meant we were unable to make it to Dorian and Josiah’s set Fortunately Marc and Felix met a very friendly taxi driver who wanted to learn german to ward off any guilt.

half a highway

does this count as leerstand?

tampon towers

faith47 in town




friend funk25 in a book we found
dipping pool at Anthea's

sunset no. 5

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